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Nov 2008

Hi!  My name is Jenna, and I'm a college student, about to be a senior, in Westchester, New York.

Even though I am 20-years-old, I have been writing various forms of fiction for over nine years now.  Before that, I loved to read (and still do) all the time.  And, while I have been writing to the point where I'm pretty much known as "the writer" in my family, I have yet to have a fictional story published.

For the most part, that's because I've had a love affair with fanfiction for a good portion of those nine years.  Every time I wrote something original, I either felt it wasn't good or never finished it.  This only worsened when I took an Intro to Creative Writing class last year -while I did well in it, somehow, it shattered any confidence I had.

This year's NaNoWriMo has inspired me to finally finish a novel.  Whether I actually make it, we'll see - here it is, week 2, and I'm still 200 words away from 10K.   Hopefully I'll make it, and some day far off into the future, I'll be able to say that my very first published novel was my first NaNo.

Upcoming Works

My NaNoWriMo: "In Spirit"

Shawn has been a Spirit Guide longer than he can remember…literally. His memories consist of nothing but his current existence as a ghost and helping new mediums adjust to coming into their power. His newest charge Kristy Duncan has no interest in reviving her suppressed abilities, but becomes curious about Shawn’s “PDL” (pre-death life). Shawn suspects there's more to Kristy's innocent but determined curiosity when he finds rough drafts of her latest play...the plot of which seems vaguely familiar.

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I'm always, always writing something.  While I do love reading and try to often, I sometimes go a while without polishing off a paperback because I'm busy writing.  I'm also an Internet chat board geek and I love watching TV.