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Reviews for Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?
Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Newsweek, Washington Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Weekly St

“Playfully written scientific anecdotes.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“It becomes obvious that we are aware of only a small part of what drives our choices when it comes to choosing whom to marry or with whom we have a sexual relationship....This book answers around 100 questions we’ve all wondered about or asked…. A tremendous amount of potentially useful information in a well-written, entertaining, and easy-to-understand format.”—Library Journal

"Witty, captivating, scientifically sound and great fun. Every curious man and woman will love this book."—Louann Brizendine, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of The Female Brain

"...A compact and witty compendium of all the latest science..." —Newsweek

"Thought-provoking..." — The Washington Post

"Pincott's breezy little book examines...queries about love and romance while supplying answers based on the latest scientific findings. The witty New York City author ponders such burning questions as, "Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?" and, "Why do men love big breasts?" Reading just one page of this charmer is as impossible as eating one potato chip." —Seattle Post Intelligencer

"[An] informative and amusing book...The short answers are judiciously packed with information culled from hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. All of it is relayed in a light, engaging tone....Open up the doors to some fascinating research...." — The Weekly Standard

“Intriguing . . . straight-shooting.” – Glamour

"Jena Pincott may have performed a kind of public service..." — New York Daily News

" ...Full of unexpected details... fascinating and engaging." — Galveston County Daily News

"This book is likely to prompt conversations with friends that start with, "Hey, have you ever wondered why people ... ?... A cross between Cosmopolitan and Scientific American... an insightful and amusing read." — Associated Press