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Justin Hayward archive photo, found on Ask.com images

Well, I have a blog on my own website: http://thula7.webs.com (in case you're interested.) But I saw the topic for this blog, my obsessions, and thought, "The Moody Blues" so, yeah, I had to post a blog here. It is Wednsday, August 5, 2009, and I am sitting on my couch, listening to a marathon play of the Moody Blues. Many would ask themselves "Why?" I am 37, so not really a product of the hippie generation, and I don't come from musician parents, or parents who played the Moody Blues incessantly. If anything, I was over exposed to the Beatles and Elvis. Yet here I am, the Moody Blues concert tour lands here tomorrow, and I can't go. I am tearing my hair at this tragedy. It was my choice, I admit. I could have had a ticket for my birthday, but I asked for something a bit cheaper. So yeah, a marathon of their music to get me through.

Oh, but let me give you the background of my obsession. I was in 10th grade, and my English teacher did a unit on music and videos and played "In Your Wildest Dreams" and I fell in love (completely and absolutely) with Justin Hayward. It did not matter that he was (is) old enough to be my dad. I wanted his children. I was fanatical about him and bought every Moody Blues tape (yes, cassettes) I could find. Then I discovered them in the second hand music store and fell in love with their album art. So I started collecting their record albums. As I listened to their music, so much of it spoke to my soul. I have a wandering spirit and a lot of their music is about journeys taken literally or in the mind, and that was really all it took. Most of my favorite songs are written by Justin Hayward, but I like a lot of the songs written by Ray, Mike, the poetry of Graham, and some of the songs by John, mainly from the sixties. It was enough to convince me that Justin is my favorite *shudder* Moody. (I have always hated the nick name "Moodies" for the band or their fans, but it is easy.)

Now I'm grown up, married with children of my own. I have been to several concerts (but not tomorrow, *cry*) and have never met them. I have written a novel where my main protagonist is based loosely on Justin (even bears the same moniker) But I still have the desire to meet Justin, even though life can never take the turn I would have wanted, *laugh*. My deepest desire now is simply that they would do the music for one of my novels, should any of them get picked up for a movie. My music collection now has more CD's than tapes or records, though I still love the album art. (The album The Present inspired me to seek out the painting the cover was based on. I still have Maxfield Parish's "Daybreak" though it is no longer on my wall.)

So here I am, on my couch, listenig to a marathon session of Moody Blues music. It will have to get me through, since I can't go to their concert tomorrow... *cry*