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Reviews of Jeffrey’s Work

Published by Out in Print
“(Y)ou’ll find a lot of entertainment in the many emotions of Paul Alan Fahey’s extraordinary anthology, The Other Man.... The humor base is covered by the opening and closing...
Published by Three Dollar Bill Reviews
Brian walks dogs for a living. Although he once aspired to acting, he came to the conclusion that being a struggling actor wasn’t worth the struggle and now prefers walking dogs...
Published by Rainbow Reviews
A very short short, but exactly long enough to pose a really challenging question — what is it that makes us us.
Published by Eureka Pride
"...It is rare that I am given so much to think about from having read a story. For that I owe Jeffrey Ricker a great deal. Even more than that, this story is written in a way...
Published by PrideSource
"...a spiffy collection about men wooing and winning men. ... it's the newcomers that give this fine book its the-future-of-queer-lit-is-good edge. Among them: Josh Helmin on high...