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This went live last night but for anyone who missed it, there's an interview with me by Juliann Rich now up over at her blog Rainbow Tree. Check it out! Juliann has a YA novel coming out in June called Caught in the Crossfire. I'm really looking forward to reading it: Two boys at Bible camp...
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The Unwanted doesn't officially come out until next month, but advance review copies have gone out and I've gotten my first review, which is by my fellow writer ’Nathan Burgoine. To say that he liked it would seem to be an understatement. On his blog Sunday he also highlighted one of my short...
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Every year, the GLBTRT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Round Table) of the American Library Association publishes a list of the books that "exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic GLBT content and are recommended for adults over age 18." And whaddaya know, but one...
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OK, not really. However, I think increased coffee consumption will be one of the necessary byproducts of my schedule for the next couple months. Let's add it up, shall we? Contests, contests. This is actually an improvement, as before it was contests, contests, contests, but now the the...
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So, recently I entered a story in The Missouri Review's fiction contest. (I'll spare you the suspense: I didn't win.) Contests are the way I typically renew my subscriptions to literary magazines; most of the ones I enter offer each person a year's subscription to their journal in exchange for...
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"You really write?" someone asked me recently. They mimed a pen scribbling in midair, said, "As opposed to" and then began miming typing in midair. It was kind of funny to watch and also made me realize that maybe not a lot of people write with pen and paper, longhand, anymore. Take this blog...
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I don't collaborate very often. This is not to say that I'm difficult to work with (you'd have to ask any of my former co-workers about that, and I bet you'd find a couple who would!), just that collaborative projects don't come along all too often. So, when a Goodreads group I'm a member of...
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So, like I said before, I'm not big on resolutions. Goals are more my speed. Is that a difference without a distinction? Maybe. Anyway, call them whatever works for you. It's good to have goals, right? Let me tell you about one. As I've mentioned before and will probably mention at least a...
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I have a book addiction. This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, has seen my bookshelves, or remembers this post with the picture of my nightstand back home in St. Louis. I've tried to cut back, I've told myself I'll only buy a book once I've finished another book, I've...
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So, Wordpress (the handy site that hosts my main blog, which you can find over here, but I cross-post almost everything with Red Room, so no big whoop) sends out this year-in-review e-mail that gives you a rundown of all the stats on your blog: the number of posts, the number of visitors to your...
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Did you get a new Kobo for Christmas? Congratulations! I have one too. Although I usually read on my phone (using the Kobo or iBooks app) because it's always in my pocket, when I'm traveling it's nice to have all the books on my Kobo at hand, which is a lot. Looking for books to load onto your...
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It's Christmas Eve, and you're screwed, aren't you? You waited until now to finish your Christmas shopping, and there's no way in double-E hockey sticks you're going to get it all done, is there? You're at the Walmart/the Target/the "insert name of appropriate store here" and they're all out of...
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It's kind of a weird experience to sit down and read your own novel from start to finish. I sent off The Unwanted to my editor in August, and since then, apart from compiling the front matter and looking at cover options (and one reading from it), I haven't touched it in a while. Copy edits...
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This is just a detail shot from the actual photo. Bop over to Terrible Minds and see the full-meal deal.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone in my writing group owns a bat'leth. If you go over to Terrible Minds, you'll see a photo of said weapon, along with a number of my partners in crime from Writers under the Arch back in St. Louis. They entered Chuck Wendig's Kick-Ass Writing Group...
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It's true, I love making lists. I have loads of memos on my phone of movies to see, books to read, musicians to check out. On my computer I use Stickies to keep track of places to send stories, sites to check out when it's time to promote my novel, and then I have the list below. Originating...
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