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You can't buy your mother's love, but you can buy this story

I know we all hate (or are supposed to hate) self-promotion, but you know what I love to do? Write. I also like a good deal as much as anyone else, so here's the deal. My story, "Maternal Instincts," is on sale for 40% off over at Untreed Reads. That's the cover over there on the right. It's a story about a recently undead stay-at-home mom who's just trying to keep her family together while she controls her new-found thirst for blood.

Or as I like to call her, a desperate housewife with fangs.

It's only on sale until Mother's Day, though, which is this Sunday. So get it while it's cheap. (Granted, it's only 99 cents regular price, but like I said, who doesn't love a deal?)

Also, don't forget to send your Mom a card, or at least call her this weekend, geez.