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What's with "Billy"?

Getting into Jamie's head was far too easy. I've been him. I've lived through those days. And there are some phenomenal lines from Ricker here that perfectly capture the mindset of Jamie (and the everykid he represents). This story, part of Speaking Out!, is a perfect example of the anthology as a whole - LGBTQ youth tales from youth voices dealing with life the way it is for LGBTQ.

My friend and colleague 'Nathan Burgoine gives a shoutout to my story "The Trouble with Billy" on his Red Room blog. I wrote the story while I was in the beginning stages of working on my next novel, The Unwanted, and started getting into the heads of not just Jamie, but also Sarah and Billy. As you might guess, since it's a fantasy novel, things take a definite turn from this very much real-world story.

There are a lot of other good real-world stories in this anthology by writers like Sandra McDonald and Alex Jeffers. Check it out. Also, 'Nathan is reading a short story a day this year, so take a look through his previous blog entries to get some of his recommendations. I've got a couple recommendations myself, which I'll share later.