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It's a miserably hot day today, just the latest in a string of them with, apparently, more of the same to come. I tend to wither in the summer, and prefer nothing better than to stay in the air conditioning from May through September until the leaves start turning.

What can I say? I loathe the summer. It's my least favorite season.

Today I'm taking my laptop, my manuscript, and my reading material and retreating to my super-secret clandestine dessert-centered hideout for a Day of Writing® with my friend Pamela. We both seem to need neutral ground when we work-for me, at least, the distractions of the house are often too overwhelming. Some of them aren't exclusive to home (one of them is the machine I'm using right now to type this), but when I'm in a public place, it seems like I have the mental separation from home and hearth (I really wish we had a heart, though in this weather a nice fire is obviously redundant) necessary to get into working mode.

Where do you do your best work? Where do you find it impossible to get anything done?

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Good Question

I was really into Starbucks for a while and then I was going to diners which was good. It realls depends on my mood. The library was working well for me. Right now I am laying on the bed with the laptop and it is hot today to so the curtains are drawn and it is sunny but shady and somewhat refreshingly cool. But I love coffee places that are neutral in decor and semi-civilized in their noise level. I wrote 8,000 words yesterday on this bed for the summer Camp of NanoWrmo I may never leave it. Good luck in the writing.


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My friend Becky enjoys

My friend Becky enjoys sitting in bed too, with her laptop and the dogs all around her because it's the coolest room in the house. I used to do this when I lived in a one-story house (I kind of miss that), but now I'm finding that my best writing time is in the café on a lunch break at work. I am envious of your 8,000 words. I spent four hours straight writing on Saturday, and only mustered a thousand words. But it was more than I had when I started, I suppose!