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'Tis the Season...

In our home, we celebrate Solstice during the winter holiday season. One of the most important things that we do for Solstice is that the gift giver has to tell the recipient WHY they are giving them the gift. For instance, my son Gavin wants to get in shape, is always wanting to spend more time with Dad, and is very much the aspiring warrior (with that honor and compassionate streak a mile wide.) So for Solstice, Santa is bringing him a pair of wooden training swords and two DVDs - one instructional by one of the top living swordsmen in the world and the other a sword workout. Why two swords if he can only use one (they're of the two handed "samurai sword" variety)? So he and I can do the videos together. He gets in shape and spends time with Dad.

There are a lot of "happy tears" (as our eldest calls them) when we exchange gifts. Instead of just giving "drawing paper and pens" we give, "I thought you could use this because you're such an amazing artist and I really want to see more of what you create." Everything is heartfelt and specifically catered to the person's path. It's gotten to the point that when we ask the kids, "What would you like for Solstice?" most of them can't come up with anything. In fact, the eldest two couldn't come up with a single item they wanted. The only request they've made is an anxious, "We're still going to do stockings this year, right?" as stockings tend to be the same theme as our gift-giving in miniature abundance.  :)