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I've been intrigued by the recent behavior of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Relaxed really doesn't capture it. Gone is the smug, 'time to kick your ass' posture, the you clap-me clap, dowager.Gone is the 'Peronista'. We've got humor now. We got the appearance of self satisfied relief. Gone is the venerable Clinton 'war machine'? Maybe. But should president-cool not be able to get-up off the mat his handlers have thrown him  to, will we see a palace coup in the works come  year two, and following a mid-term election debaclefor the democrats?

While the rest of the administration spins it wheels, Ms. Clinton has clearly charted out a path of international engagement. Some expected that. Infact, ugly rumor had the Clintons please that she was headed to State, and ergo abroard, leaving Bill to, well, Bill. Remember her swearing-in thanks to mom, and Chelsea, and, "my husband, who has exposed me to so many different things."

But this morning lit my day. Appearing on an Indonesian talk show, 'Awesome', Hillary was asked about her favorite music. Without hesitation she responded, "Well, I like the old standards, you know, the Stones...." O.K., O.K. girlfriend. The Mick does seem to attract those government types...he did attend the London School of Economics, and remember when the Stones toured Canada, and then Canadian  Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's wife came up missing when the 'world's greatest rock band' hit Toronto?

Well, Hill, we like your taste in music. No appeasement. No PUMAS. No Springsteen. No Jay-Z, hip hop, over-sized type belting out sentimentlisims. You're smarter than Carla Bruni, right? Whether those buttons and bumper stickers come out of the trunk or no, get on with those Stones, lady, as you rock around foggy-bottom...and this one's for you.......