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Ministering Couples Marriages Under Attack

   Last month, October, until now, I did quite a bit of travel in ministry doing conferences and church meetings in Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio, and out of the country in Australia.

   I became even more aware of something I had been preaching about off and on for the last two years.  There is a definite attack on ministering couples and the family and ultimately on men.  Especially men in their roles as fathers and husbands.  Specifically on black men where 70% of them are missing in action from the black family. 

   The enemy has never changed his offensive tactic, which to to "smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered."  So ultimately he is not even after the shepherds as couples for God's sheep or men as shepherds of their home, but he is ultimately after the sheep. 

   Because so many couples in ministry have been attacked and many have gone through divorce, separation or play like they are married eventhough they are separated or don't interact in a marital way except for appearances -- messages on men, women, marriage, relationships and family have been few and far between for the last two years.  This has made the situation worst, when there might have been healing and restoration had there been a present word.  We are just now, out of crisis, starting to hear some messages from national leaders on marriage.  

  We are really not in a crisis mode, we are in destruction mode.  The enemy has seemingly been successful in marring the image of the love of Christ for the Church by bringing destruction to many marriages, especially high profile marriages of well known preachers.  It is a shame to admit that Christian divorces now out number secular divorces. 

   While we make a big-to-do about gay couples that some say will hurt our marriages -- I say that heterosexual couples are hurting our marriages and families because of their unfaithfulness to their wives and  husbands.  Heterosexual couples are hurting marriages by refusing to forgive and extend mercy to their spouses and remaining faithful to their vows.

    The church through its marriages are to be a witness of the love that Christ has for the church.  We have in many ways ruined that witness by not being committed to our spouses for better or for worse.  No wonder people find a hard time committing to our churches.  They don't see any committment in our marriage covenant and in our relationships as a witness to encourage their committment to Christ. 

    For Christ sake, and the Kingdoms sake we must stop this destructive attack of the enemy and make sure we don't aid his attack by not practicing the principles of our Kingdom -- Love, Peace, Goodness, Forgiveness, Mercy, Unity, Committment, Faithfulness, Dedication, Longsuffering, Temperance, Faith, Obedience, etc.