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Landscape with Fragmented Figures

Has anyone else been blocked by writing success?  It's strange, but I haven't written any fiction since my novel, Landscape with Fragmented Figures, was accepted by Bottom Dog Press back in November.  True, I've been busy with proofreading, pre-marketing, etc . . . but I'm getting a little worried that the need to write fiction won't come back.  I've written only one poem since news of the novel.

 Anyone experienced anything similar?

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I am experiencing the fear of writing success.
Everyday words come to me or I am reminded of the pages and pages of material I already have written.
Fragmented stories, poems… sit unfinished and not submitted for consideration.
Every voice I hear, every sign tells me you should be writing and I am afraid.
My greatest gift is my ability to move people with my words now suddenly here I am in my early 40’s a life of many twists and turns… starting over.
The only solace I have ever found is in my work as a counselor yet still I am not following my heart.
So while I do not know the joy of publishing a book, nor have I mastered the patience to edit my work I know the prison of being blocked.
I am blessed to have many experiences to draw from my own and the lives of those I encounter in my work in the jails and prisons.
Yet still I am frozen in fear.
I imagine you will write again because it’s in your heart, it will not stay silent for long.
And I wonder if perhaps the voice you last told your story in is gone; perhaps there is another there yet to speak to you.
Maybe you need to just sit still and listen it will come.
Not in your time but it will come.

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Editing is Also Creative

You might still be creatively consumed to your soon-to-be-published book, even though it's editing and promotion. And these days the selling part had become more difficult.

I was once blocked for over three months, but it had nothing to do with a publication.

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LeesaMaree, Thanks for your good words. I hope for you as few blocks as possible.

Dale, Thanks for helping me stay in perspective.

Turns out, inspiration came to me today. It came in the form of a poem, not fiction, but I'll take it.

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Blocking will pass like a bowel movement.

This always happens with me, and I kind of resent it but know I am doing it to myself...turning my attention from creating to promoting...also just a good long pause when a job is done. Your mind and heart will tell you when to move on.

Imagine Peace, Larry Smith

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Waiting for the BM

Good advice. In the meantime, I'm getting a few short stories and poems in the mail to some magazines. If blocked, find something else to do.

Thanks, Larry.