where the writers are

Comes at you from every direction. What's in the wind? The fog, the smoke, the night, the blinding sunlight. All depends on when you can turn this whole thing off and sit with pen and paper and capture it before it slides away, back on its never-ending journey. Write fast, draw quick, because it will all be different tomorrow. If you are so lucky to grab a chunk of right-now, pencil it in, seal the carton, name it, then you have something. And when you show it to your friends, family, the people on the street, carefully place your ear plugs into position. They'll want to change what you've captured, make its colors brighter or softer, shift its sound this way or that, more like what they already know. At this point may I suggest that you walk slowly backwards, silently as possible, as if on coasters, till you're somewhere else and the crowd is saying, "Maybe he/she has something different here."