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Published by E!Online
Ovenman by Jeff Parker is a brilliant addition to the growing genre of serious slacker literature. Parker's When Thinfinger is a direct descendant of Ignatius J. Reilly, Frank...
Published by Publishers Weekly
"Parker's hilarious debut introduces to the world pizza-slinging, skateboarding, tattooed anti-hero When Thinfinger.... the narrative is full of surprises, dark humor and a cast...
Published by The Portland Mercury
"One of the most raucous and fun books I've read in ages...Ovenman is a frenetic blast of pleasure: a depiction of America at its skankiest, populated with unlikely heroes and...
Published by The Believer
"Ovenman’s considerable charm and clout lie in this combination of the specific absurdities of Thinfinger’s day-to-day and his often thwarted search for meaning."
Published by Montreal Mirror
"Ovenman reads like a high calibre graphic novel, minus the graphics. Cluttered, uncomfortable, compulsively crafted, unashamed of occasional farce or relentless surreal quirky...
Published by Boldtype
"While the plot is certifiably hilarious, it's really When's voice that's in the driver's seat. Dazed, confused, and occasionally caring, he carries all 250 pages of this...
Published by Willamette Week
"Equal parts sleazy and frenetic, Parker's debut is a chortle-out-loud story about the sweaty, battle-scarred struggle between creating self-monuments and throwing hand grenades."
Published by The Oregonian
"Ovenman may leave some readers puzzling over how When can be such a dope in some ways and still such a fun narrator. Parker rides that thin line of narrative balance and manages...
Published by Emerging Writers Network
"Ovenman should end up being taught in MFA programs as an incredible example of a novel centered around voice. That's not to say that all Jeff Parker has done is come up with a...
Published by Diagram
"Parker riffs on the brilliant, bombastic language of one When Thinfinger, pizza cook and then night manager at Gainesville, FL's Piecemeal Pizza by the Slice. When is a skater,...
Published by Matrix Magazine
"Vivid and honest...Ovenman is propelled by tight and precise sentences that fall from one into the other as Thinfinger's life falls apart. The writing is wonderfully specific,...