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"Bell's memoir is a revealing look at life with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that goes to often hysterical lengths to convey the dynamics of OCD by reviewing life consumed by the disorder and attempts to overcome it. Radio news anchor and first-time author Bell chronicles the constant worrying, rechecking and unstoppable thought-loops that spin him like a whirligig through his day, recounting "virtual tapes" from his life. Cleverly labeling different sections of his narrative "play," "fast forward" and "pause," using the last of which to stop the action and address readers directly, Bell is easy to like, and he wisely keeps things from getting too technical: "I myself don't even pretend to understand those brain complexities ... My expertise is in doubt." As such, he provides an experiential report of everything from a (very) minor boat accident and the (slightly) major on-air radio flub that followed, to the efficacy of the "Quirk Defense," to his last-ditch, year-long project to overcome his symptoms. Bell's story provides plenty of lessons, perspective and hope for those living with OCD-either their own or someone else's-in a funny, highly entertaining narrative."

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