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What the heck is a radio guy with OCD doing writing a feature for the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times?  It's a fair question.  The short answer is this: shedding light on the challenges of dining out while fighting urges to wash one's hands, rearrange the tableware, report wobbly chairs, sterilize the silverware, chew one's food in sets of three, and triple check tip calculations.  (No, not ALL of those challenges are my own--just many of them.)  I had a blast working with the pros at The Times and encourage you to read my piece and weigh in on the official NY Times blog.  Links to both below:

"When Anxiety is at the Table"  (NY Times article)


"Obsessed with Restaurants" (NY Times blog)


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Fantastic piece on restaurant and OCD

I don’t quite consider myself as OCD, but my fascination about food can certainly qualify as an obsession. Combining the desire to explore new, obsession to reach out and anxiety to try new things, now that’s an experience of all sense.

Can’t wait to read/hear more.

Renjie Wang      redroom.com 

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Thanks for weighing in,

Thanks for weighing in, Renjie.   I've been fascinated by how many non-obsessive-compulsive readers have told me they have OCD-like reactions to, or issues with, dining out and food.

Unrelated note: You and the folks at redroom.com are really doing a terrific job with the site.  So glad you're up and running.