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not married yet
Jul 2009

My name is Jecory and I been writing since I was 11 years old. My book called "The Country Gang War" has been published on June 27, 2009 on bookemon.com. I would like everyone who are interested in reading to check it out on bookemon.com and when you visit the website search "The Country Gang War" in books. Turning my book into a movie always been my childhood dream and I would like to work with someone on redroom.com to help me become famous for my work I have done. Writing books for the world admires my family and aspires me to become famous in the future. I am a pretty nice guy and I am looking forward to meeting other authors on redroom.com to who can help me turn my book to an movie.


Mark Twain and Ice Cube

Upcoming Works

The Country Gang War- Published on bookemon.com in bookemon store $15.01
The Trillion Living Monsters
The NightMare Creeks Return from the Dead
Jmix goes to war
The Interracial Family



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Writing, acting, basketball, football, and baseball

I love to write books about life, love, fiction, sports, and reality.