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CinnamonGirl, Inc.

When I went to Barnes & Noble in Jack London Square to hear Susan Taylor speak about mentoring, I had the opportunity to learn about Cinnamongirl, Inc., an Oakland nonprofit founded by Renee Richard-Smith.    Cinnamongirl, Inc. serves to inspire and empower girls of Latina American and African American descent to reach their highest personal and professional aspirations. 

In 2006 Executive Director Renee Richard-Smith received the Jefferson Award, which recognizes local citizens for their outstanding contribution to community.

The group's contact information is http://www.cinnamongirl.org,  (510-531-4740).   I urge readers to visit and offer assistance as appropriate.  An excerpt from their bill of rights appears below:

I have the right …to be a unique individual.

I have the right ... to my own dreams, opinions and ideas.

I have the right …

to choose the experiences that are right for my life;  I have the right to plan and pursue my future.

I have the right … to explore this world and all that it has to offer.

I have the right …

I have a right to ask questions, make decisions, take risks and make mistakes.

I have the right … to love myself and to be loved.