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Potential Empowerment

September 20, 2012

 Abby’s Story, Harrietta’s Happenstance, childhood sexual abuse, Child Abuse, One of The Many Child Abuse Stories,It’s easy to find ourselves in conversations about the way past experiences are helping us accomplish our goals now. Maybe it’s our first job, learning from our aunt’s passion, or a movie that gave us potent experiences that continue to resonate.

I’ve noticed this happens most often when people are talking about their dreams or sharing their creativity. And I believe those events in the past are not serendipity. They are part of the energy stream we were meant to travel when we arrived. They were there to feed our inborn potential.

Seeing these events as delightful connections is fun. Recognizing them as intended milestones in our life journey can be empowering.

We can look back on these connections with a new eye and consciously embrace what they taught us about our current goals.

We can honor what might have felt insignificant or an unnecessary challenge at the time.

If our current path feels fuzzy, we can take a mental journey back to stand-out moments and noteworthy connections to see if we can identify the thread sewing a meaningful pattern for us.

Each of us came here with a unique way to make a difference in the world. We came with the talent to make it happen. We were given experiences to hone our skills, help us see, or nudge us in the right direction. That is the wonder of remembering our life journey isn't random.

Notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
Inspired by Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers and Time Slipping
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