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Our Authentic Self

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Our authentic self •¸.•♥•.¸¸.•*

Some of us are still looking for sunny meadows after a childhood spent in dark forests. Even the best life journeys give us hills to climb and raging rivers to cross. And though we sometimes lose track of it, all of us have our personal spirit to help us face our challenges.

This steadfast guide has different names as it takes on the shape of different cultures and experience. For me, my spirit is inner wisdom dancing with the knowledge of the Universe. It exists outside linear time and holds the blue print of my life purpose.

This is the force that will persistently urge us to be our undiluted self. While friends, family, community, and world events are pushing and pulling, our spirit is the steady, quiet voice that celebrates our uniqueness. In the symbolic language of intuition, it points us in the direction that will help us share our value.

Our guiding light was there when we learned to walk, ride a bike, and drive a car. Every time we reach beyond our present limitations, this inner wisdom holds a map to our endless possibilities. Rather than tapping into our courage, we only need to lean into our knowing, powerful place. Answers that honor us will be there. It’s the core of our strength.

When it comes to our spirit, the journey of life is a circle rather than a path taking us forward. The landscape with hills and rivers are ever-changing, but our destination is always the on-going exploration and expression of our authentic self.

More notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
Inspired by "Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers" and "Time Slipping"
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