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August 16, 2012

 Abby’s Story, Harrietta’s Happenstance, Time Slipping, Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers,Our moods and needs determine how we feel about rain as we dash between the drops or turn our face upward to enjoy its glory. A rain storm is a monster inconvenience. It’s manna for plants, joyous puddle-makers for kids. It’s Mother Nature’s tears, turning sunny days into depressing gray.

Recognizing I choose my relationship with rain, I have recently invited another kind of precipitation to be an empowering image for my spirit choices. To make my limitless possibilities more real, I see them held in a treasure chest in the center of the Universe. I like to think this box was closed and locked during those years I wasn’t ready to embrace my potential. And now I’ve opened it so possibilities can rain on me.

Unformed, shimmering sparkles of opportunities are now intermittent showers in my days. They are with me every time I turn my thoughts to my potential. In my mind’s eye, I can look up and see the golden mist. I imagine it falling on everything I’m doing, nurturing it like showers growing flowers. I recognize it is a constant flow for manifesting my dreams.

This image is empowering my journey. It gives me a solid, visual way to feed the kinds of thoughts that will change desires into reality. It’s a visual language between me and my spirit. Sometimes I imagine it raining on my writing. Other times I see a gentle shower creating a rainbow between me and my readers. Always, I appreciate having a new tool to empower my dreams.

Notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
Inspired by Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers and Time Slipping
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