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June 8, 2012

empowerment, potential, courage, choices, intuition, self awareness, self help, childhood sexual abuse, Jeanne McElvaney, GoToSpirit.com, Time Slipping, Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers,Taking another walk along a well-known beach, I was thinking about how it is always different. There’s no doubt one day’s footprints could overlap those I’ve left behind on other walks, but the experience is never the same. It’s the same path, but the energy field has been altered by time, the people and critters that share this corner of the world, and Mother Nature.

This constant change is true for all the moments creating our lives. They can look very much the same, including the usual people, activities, routines, and places but the energy of life is a vibrating, swirling, interacting force that can’t be repeated.

And that offers us the gift of choices.

Walking the beach, I can choose to see what is familiar… the presence of sand… the ocean licking the shoreline. Or I can choose to focus on what is different… the people I pass… Mother Nature playing with the wind, clouds, and sunshine. The first choice offers me comfort. The second choice reminds me change is a constant force.

We need the ease of what is known to us. It’s the well-crafted raft we use to navigate our days. This need is so great we’re often inclined to cling, using our resourceful natures for trying to stay in the same current of energy we know - even if it no longer serves our spirit and potential.

Shifting our focus on what is out of the ordinary within common circumstances can empower us. It reminds us hard times can take us to good times. It invites us to look beyond the obvious to what is possible. It tells us there is more - when what we have feels like enough.

Notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
Inspired by Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers and Time Slipping
More notes at http://www.GoToSpirit.com

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Jeanne, Lovely post. The


Lovely post. The beach is the perfect place to ponder what is familiar and also what changes.