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Courage to Dance with our Potential

July 17, 2012

♪♫¨`*ི♥ྀღ •♫♪

Each of us is challenged by desires that don't fit the collection of beliefs we have gathered over time. We carry a backpack filled with things we want but can't seem to manifest. And when we look around, it often seems others have walked many miles in the experience we are seeking. Our yearnings fit in their lives like a pair of comfortable, old shoes.

Quantum energy reminds us this is not about others having while we are missing out. They are simply living their beliefs while we live ours. They may have the job of our dreams and we may have a relationship they desire. We each have what we believe is possible.

Our beliefs shape our experience... and they can be changed. Self awareness and insights will show us which thoughts we have used to create our reality. Catching old mental chatter and persistently interrupting it with new information will dim the noise of old ideas. Talking to friends, reading books, repeating a new mantra will energize us.

Thinking we have arrived, this is often where we stop in our journey of change. After walking through the maze of old and new beliefs, we stop short of the step that calls on our courage. We continue to talk the talk and see the logic, but find our lives looking much the same.

This when we have to overcome the powerful pull of what is familiar. The biggest challenge of manifesting our desire is letting it happen. It’s nodding when the gifts of change arrive rather than shaking our head as we try to comprehend the requested abundance. It’s saying, “Yes!” rather than “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

The big challenge is stepping through the door into our new reality. Because, then, nothing will be the same. We will be living our dream come true.

Notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
Inspired by "Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers" and "Time Slipping"
More notes at http://www.GoToSpirit.com/