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Jan 2012

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Women and Empowerment: the kind that celebrates our spirit ~

Life Purposel: embracing and sharing the best of ourselves ~

Being Happy: daring to look past the obvious to honor our personal spirit ~

Change Your Life: our ultimate power ~

Personal Development: our stunning inner wisdom ~

Self Improvement: the most daring journey ~

Self Awareness: our inner compass ~

Childhood Sexual Abuse: there's more than 40 million of us ~

Survivors of Abuse: Choices are our strongest ally ~

Effects of Child Abuse: What we experienced continues to drive our choices ~

Abuse Recovery: Embracing our truth can heal us ~

Abuse Survivors: Our personal spirit is strong ~

Healing Abuse: Information is power ~


"Time Slipping" - Elizabeth's retreat to discover who she is outside her responsibilities, routines, and relationships, grabs the reader for their own journey of insights.

"Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story" – A what-happens-next story of child abuse that also weaves through a tapestry of sweet, nostalgic childhood memories from the 50's and 60's.

"Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers" – This gentle story, set in early 1800's England, celebrates intuition, inner wisdom, and personal spirit guiding our every day choices.

"Child Abuse" - a gentle, self help empowerment guide for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

"Harriettta’s Happenstance" – Set in early Jane Austen’s England, this is a sweet romance floating on the surface of sexual abuse secrets.

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Jane Austen, Richard Bach, James Redfield, Sue Monk Kidd

Upcoming Works

Time Slipping (Summer 2012)

Elizabeth dreamed of slipping away for just a little while so she could get to know who she was beyond her routines, relationships, and responsibilities. Then she dared to do it. She couldn't know her desire for solitude would be cracked open by a mysterious muse, two young lads, and a most unusual friend dressed as a gentleman. In a journy of the unexpected, this unlikely heroing is reunited with her personal spirit. The end becomes the beginning.

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