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Strange, They Didn't Complain Before

And, another blah blah blah from McCain supporters I'm really getting tired of, is the blathering on about how we absolutely need the checks and balance of a a divided Congress and President if both Obama and Congress put the Democrats in power.

It must be my memory has deteriorated even more than I thought with age because strangely I cannot recall any such uproar from the Republicans when they controlled both the Presidency and Congress---and some might even say the Supreme Court.

First of all, I don't believe the Founding Fathers had that kind of division for checks and balances in mind when they wrote the constitution; I think it was more the three branches, Executive, Congress and the courts.

Secondly, having a President and Congress dominated by the same party might mean a few important things get done, unlike the past four years in which an unpopular President managed to veto everything the majority of the people wanted (at least according to the polls).

Whatever----less than two more days before--I hope I hope--we have a new Democratic President and Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, and American can begin the long grind of getting this country back to being the America we and the world used to know and love.