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My favorite short story in all the years I've scribbled, is the one I wrote for an Elderhostel class at the Grandaddy of writers' workshops at the University of Iowa back in the early 80's Until that class, I had never been able to finish the stories I started  with the exception as a faithful...
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Way back when I was eight and a regular contributor of short stories, bad poetry and letters to dear old aunt Dolly's page in the SF Chronicle, among other things, I dreamed of being the girl reporter who circled the world. It was reinforced by the time our small town high school initiated a...
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Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day, and today is the 90th anniversary of the original armistice which ended WW I. My father was an Infantry officer in the 184th Machine Gun Battalion, and was wounded shortly after the battle that followed the events described below. This article was...
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And, another blah blah blah from McCain supporters I'm really getting tired of, is the blathering on about how we absolutely need the checks and balance of a a divided Congress and President if both Obama and Congress put the Democrats in power. It must be my memory has deteriorated even more...
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