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Twelve-year-old Adele Walker enters the crucible of adolescence longing for elegance and deploring her family’s lack of it. She finds elegance at her cousins’ home, at a New Year party in a mansion, and in her friendship with the family’s French-Canadian au pair--if only she can keep her balance! When these ideals collapse, Adele withdraws into silence toward her parents and...
The Hoarders -- for independent readers age 9-12
In case you're wondering, the title is NOT about messy houses like in the TV show.  ​The hoarders​ in my story are a couple of kids who figure out a way to survive when there's no food and no house.  When nine-year-old Cheyenne Walker and his younger brother lose the mother they love and the aunt they trust, they go underground to survive.  But they've spent years on...