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Try, Try Again!
Monday, November 10, 2008
If at first you dont succeed, Try , Try again!

Sometimes we need help from a friend! Molly is my ever patient lighting assistant. For a few measly treats she is willing to help me get my lighting issues resolved.

When I posted my first witchhazel picture , I realized the lighting was not even. Since I am new to lighting , I had to go back and reread my lessons about black backdrops and decided to reshoot the pictures.

While I was setting it up, Pilgrim, my ever curious cat, decided to check it out, and managed to knock over the vase.
Luckily it just spilled the water and once everyone
relaxed from that fisaco, we got ready to shoot.
Now when Molly sees me get out my camera and turn on the lights, she runs into the room and stands in front of the backdrop. I swear she is saying lets get going so I can earn some treats!
I set her up, readjusted some lights and bingo, a nice pic of Molly and a much more evenly lit pic of the witchhazel.
The trick is to use a backlight and front light to get it even!