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Poetry Friday
Friday, January 23, 2009
The Sweet Smell of Spring! Poetry Friday!

The sweet smell of spring

Sweetly, lightly lingering

Hoping spring will come.

While spring is still in the future, the sweet fragrance of paperwhites , sweeten the air, and lift the spirits!

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Thanks, jean.

Your words and photos celebrate life.

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thanks Dennis!

thanks Dennis!

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Jean, your photos put the longing in me. Mary

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Photo haiku


I have the same flowers outside my office window on one side of Buddha, a pepper bush on the other. Sometimes, my dog, Rainy May, adds movement to the view....

my small dog drinks

water from Buddha's hands 

 in my garden. 

she is blessed.  


Karl Alexander

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pre spring blossoms

Lovely! thank you for lifting my spirits!