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Bored ? Get to Work!
Sunday, November 16, 2008
Sunday Boredom! Today the weather is quite dreary here, the wind is howling, the flakes are flitting and it is cold! Like most photographers I always have plenty of work on hand to keep me busy inside.

When it turns cold I find myself going to my beach images to warm up.

I bring up images I havent worked on and while I am reliving the fun of being at the beach, I am actually getting some work done!

I always learn something when I go back to work on images.

Plus , boredom is kept at bay .

I like to sniff around for some new ways to improve my shots.

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Fab photos Jean especially

Fab photos Jean especially the one of Lenny's cousin on the rocks!

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I figured you would like to

I figured you would like to see a beagle at the beach, I have only seen a few at the beach, too apt to go hunting along the way!