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Stories from the Quantum Path: The power of higher consciousness

Here are stories from fellow-travelers who are doing this work:

Dorothy’s Story

“I started using the techniques during one of the biggest upheavals in my life. I had to move out of the house I’d been renting in a little town in the wilderness and find somewhere else to live by the end of the month. I was aware that this was triggering all my old patterns and beliefs: I don’t belong, I’m being kicked out, I don’t count.  It felt as if I’d been stuck in this old story over and over for my whole life. Determined to turn this around somehow, I did the techniques every other day.

“At first I just noticed that I wasn’t having any of the physical symptoms that I usually have during times of major stress—no insomnia, no hives, no migraines, no bleeding gums, and a lot less panic than usual. I also had a growing feeling of assurance that it would all work out well.

“Then one morning, I woke up with the thought, ‘It’s sooner than you think. It’s just around the corner.’ And, sure enough, within days of the deadline, everything fell into place. I found a house here in my lovely little town, my friends helped me move, and new work started coming in which paid well. Plus, I was opening up in ways that I never dreamed possible—my life began to feel like an exciting adventure. This feels like a true liberation, an actual transcendence of my old thought patterns and an awakening to what’s really out there.”

Carol’s Story

“Before I discovered these techniques, I felt as if my life was falling apart. But in the first few weeks of doing them, my life changed dramatically. My stress level dropped, my schedule became much more manageable, and my chronic insomnia went away. I even started to notice brief feelings of joy, which I hadn’t felt in years. As I continued practicing, there were many changes that touched every area of my life.  I suddenly had the tangible sensation that all the pieces of my life were falling into place.

“Something had changed inside me.  My life became simple. I moved intentionally in the flow of present time, doing exactly what needed to be done in that moment, looking neither ahead nor back. I had a deep sense of peace and stillness. Every time I faced a choice about what to do next, I felt completely free to choose, and no pressure to do this or that. These were not ideas or concepts, but direct physical sensations of a way of being that I had never experienced before. Every moment felt whole, precious, and sacred.

“For a while, I continued to have emotional ups and downs, but my emotional baseline steadily became more calm and relaxed. At this point, I’ve been practicing the techniques twice a week for about four months. Every day I experience more freedom and peace of mind, the feelings of bliss are everyday occurrences now, and at work I’m more creative and productive than ever. ”

Peter’s Story

Peter, a middle aged, successful professional, was the client that marked my transition from using traditional therapeutic techniques to using the new techniques I was developing. The turnaround came during the session when he accessed a traumatic childhood memory and I encouraged him to express his feelings. As he stood in front of me, shaking with fear, I knew immediately that what I was doing was terribly wrong. All our subsequent sessions were variations of what became Quantum Techniques 1 & 2, which don’t include talking about problems or expressing emotions. What allowed me to continue “experimenting” with Peter were the immediate positive results he reported.

When Peter and I began our work, traditional psychology would have diagnosed him as being a rigid, controlling, high-functioning neurotic with “issues.” Within the context of quantum psychology, Peter had an ego-centered consciousness, functioned at the level of pride, and the solution to all his issues was higher consciousness.

Among the changes Peter reported was that having let go of his fear, he was free to be himself.  He said that he had separated himself from the corporate push to get ahead and that he was no longer a slave. Paradoxically, he said that he was “accomplishing more work in less time than ever before,” and that “the work was first rate.” Peter told me he no longer wanted to control anyone, that his relationships had improved, and he no longer felt compelled to do the same thing the same way each time. “A great weight has lifted,” he said. “I’m living in present time, and I’ve stopped worrying about the future and possibly losing everything. I don’t give a damn anymore,” he said cheerfully.