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Leading Out Loud: How Teaching Leads to Learning

Like many educators at back to school time, I take time to reflect on my teaching in the previous academic year. Of the many courses I taught last year, one stands out, perhaps not so much for what I taught my students, but rather for what they taught me.

Stanford University invites faculty to create and lead seminars for undergraduates on topics related to our field of interest. These introductory seminars allow us to explore how "teachable" a subject may be while also engaging students in a topic that we enjoy and have an interest in exploring with others.

Under these guidelines I created and taught "Leading Out Loud," a course that combined my study and teaching of communication with my personal journey and interest in the leaders of the LGBT movement. The objective was to empower students to consider their own leadership style by drawing from the writings, speeches, and lives of men and women who "Lead Out Loud." I defined this as those that live on the margins as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered individuals and who worked tirelessly for equal rights to housing, employment, health care, and, more recently, marriage and military service.

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