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JC De La Torre's Biography

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Wesley Chapel, Florida
Married, Rita 11/2001
May 2009

Speculative Fiction author JC De La Torre was born on September 4th, 1973 in Tampa, Florida. Author of the critically acclaimed underground success Ancient Rising, De La Torre has a special relationship with his fans, whom the author says he "loves dearly", and makes himself available to them via his website and email.

De La Torre has a passionate interest in Speculative fiction - including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, the Occult, Alternative History, and strange, amazing worlds. His writing will include all of these sub-genres and other interesting excursions. De La Torre also has a keen love for sports including american football (both professional and collegiate), NHL hockey, Major League Baseball, and college basketball.

De La Torre currently resides in Wesley Chapel, Florida with his loving wife Rita, their new Yorkshire Terrier, Lestat (aka Mr. Poopenstein) and their two cats, Marius (aka Blackie) and Artemis (aka Arty). Rita and JC were married on Novemeber 17, 2001 and in 2006 Rita completed her own work of Fantasy fiction, Dark Dragon, which should be re-released soon.

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