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Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Monopoly, one of the most popular boardgames in the world, has always been one of my favorite games.  Oh the thrill of conquering the world: creating a large empire, collecting rents from those who do "not know how to play the game". It is always a dog-eat dog, competitive, hold nothing back, macho game of strategy.    When we get in trouble, we all wish that we could use that "Get of Jail Free" card every once and a while. If only life was as simple as playing a game of Monopoly with someone who didn't know what they were doing.   Business would be unfair. The rules of life would be unfair.   The ways of the world would be...wait, exactly like they are. 

Life is rarely ever fair.  Some people seem to prosper while others seem to fail.  Most settle for mediocrity.  It is the accepted norm.  In a lot of industries, even if you are average, you succeed.  We even ask questions assuming we are average.  "What is the average pay" asks the ambitious salesman.  "What is the average return" asks the enthusiastic investor.  What was the average grade on the exam, the student wonders in anticipation. Average, average, average.  Why are we so obsessed with averages and settle for being average?  

What if ordinary people could produce extraordinary results?  It is not only feasible, it is completely possible if we all opened our minds and believed in ourselves.   We may be good, honest, hard working, moral, ethical, and God obeying, yet still fail financially.  Why is this so?

Despite what some believe, money is not a reward for good behavior.  If money were the reward for good behavior, wouldn't Mother Teresa have made Donald Trump look like a street beggar?  World wealth can be a blessing, but it is not earned in God's eyes.  You can look to the world's rich, poor, and middle classes to see that there are the good, bad, and ugly!  However God loves everyone despite our failures.

God did not create you to be average.  You should hate mediocrity and hunger for excellence!  Do all to glorify God.  You are His masterpiece and He expects great things from you.  Are you living the financial life God intended for you?  If not, I will be releasing The Faith-Based Millionaire shortly.  This book will help you find the answers to help you incorporate your faith into your financial plan.  Get ready to take the next step and live the financial life He intended for you! 

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