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Blood Money

You may be investing in companies that violate your morals and val­ues. Make a conscious effort to find out where your investments are going and what you are involved in. Look at your mutual funds and stocks and analyze your various accounts. I will show you how you can go about doing this as you work through the book. The first step is to commit to becoming aware and consider the alternatives that you may not have known you had. First, let’s look at the definition of blood money:  blood money (blud mune) n. 1. money paid to a hired killer 2. money paid as compensation to the next of kin of a mur­dered person; wergeld 3. money gotten ruthlessly at the expense of others’ lives or sufferingSource: http://www.yourdictionary.com/blood-money You have values and beliefs that are important to you. When you compromise your values to enhance your finances, profits can resemble blood money. Both your personal internal value system and our coun­try’s external legal system define immoralities and crimes, thus both illegal and legal profits can have negative results. Even if good out­comes ultimately result from immoral or illegal activities, the underly­ing source of profit is coming from an activity that either is breaking the law or compromises your value system. This can resemble blood money as defined by definition number three below:3. money gotten ruthlessly at the expense of others’ lives or suffering Examples of blood money include, but are not limited to, profits from a prostitution ring given to a church, illegal drug money being used to help the poor, even legiti­mate profits from an investment in a company that explicitly violates your values. Your investment dollars may be funding immoral activities. Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  • If you disapprove of embryonic stem cell research, would you want to invest money in a company conducting this kind of research? • If preventing the distribution of pornography is important to you, would you want to invest in companies that produce and distribute adult entertainment? • If abortion is a key issue for you, would you want to invest in companies manufacturing abortion drugs or performing elective abortions?

Take the time to discover what values your portfolio represents. With investing comes a great moral responsibility.  Do your investments reflect your values?  If you are unsure, send me an email and I can review your portfolio for free.  Read The Faith-Based Millionaire for more faith-based financial planning strategies.