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Sep.11.2008 - 7:05 pm
            Many people “give” only to “get.” They choose to give money so they will be blessed, which is backward thinking. We as God’s people should seek to “get” in order to “...
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Sep.02.2008 - 6:57 pm
You may be investing in companies that violate your morals and val­ues. Make a conscious effort to find out where your investments are going and what you are involved in. Look at...
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Aug.17.2008 - 7:41 pm
 I wanted you to be the first to know that Dan Miller has written the foreword to The Faith-Based Millionaire!  This is great news as I am proud and honored to have such a...
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Aug.14.2008 - 7:17 pm
INTRODUCING FAITH-BASED INVESTING In the book of Mark, this question is posed: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?" (8:36 nasb)....
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