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Columbus OH
I have been married and divorced twice. My son is from my first marriage which was when I was very young and still believed in Cinderella. My second marriage lasted a wonderful 20 years to my soul mate, but unfortunately ended when my husband had problems dealing with the issues involved with my illness. We are still great friends, however and I hope we will remain so.
Nov 2009

Born in Colmbus, OH, and still living there with my adult son who helps to take care of me.  Contracted retroperitoneal fibrosis in 1999 and finally had to give up full time work in 2007 which lead to my writing my first novel "2Friends 4Ever: A Journey to Reunion."  Currently working on 2nd novel and administering First Time Authors Only Book Club on Facebook.

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Due to my illness, I'm afraid I've had to give up so many of my interests.  I still love to watch football & baseball, preferably at the game, but more often than not on TV.  I read as much as I can, love to listen to music, particularly country, and keep in touch with friends via the internet social web sites.  My greatest interest is my 10 year old granddaughter and whatever she is interested in which is currently playing clarinet and learning to make videos on her new notebook computer.