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Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Quiet Corner Book Reviews
Gertrude’s Broken Wand was a great book. I thought the book would be about a girl named Gertrude but really it was about Rebecca who breaks Gertrude’s wand. I was worried the...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Deal Hunting Diva
This new book was just released on 10/22 and I had the privilege of getting a signed copy to preview and review with my son and my nephew. My son is in 1st grade and my nephew is...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Punkrock Momma
Gertrude’s broken wand was the best book i ever read. It was about twins who get lost in this mystical world. The girl winds up in the world called here. While their she brakes...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Lynchburg Coupon Mama
Marmalade is a book that today’s child is sure to love! Just from the back cover, I felt a flood of memories come back about books and movies including Alice in Wonderland, The...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Mom's Point of View
I loved that my kids begged for more when we stopped for the night. My kids sighed and said “Awe mom!” They wanted me to keep reading. There are not many books that keep my kids...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by http://motherofinsanityarewecrazyyet.blogspot.com/2011/10/book-review-marmalade-gertrudes-broken.htm
Marmalade is a well written children’s fantasy book. It’s the story of two fourth grade twins, who both fall into a strange situation. They find themselves in a strange new...
Gertrude's Broken Wand (Marmalade Book 1)
Published by Facebook
Gertrude's Broken Wand is a wonderful book! Kids and adult's alike will enjoy the adventures of twin siblings Rebecca and Dillon. The parallel world of "Here" is intriguing and...