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TextUR cover
Published by Tangent Online
This story has a surprise ending, which usually I wouldn't like, except in this case it turned what would have been a forgettable story into one that demands to be reread and...
SCS Cover
Published by Emerald City
[T]he star contribution to the anthology, without a shadow of a doubt, is 'The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe' by M.F. Korn, Des Lewis and Jeff Vandermeer . . . Pan-Tossed...
SCS Cover
Published by The Mumpsimus
You will want a copy... Weird stories about food. And weird poems about food. And recipes for foodish items. And a beautiful, amusing cover.
SCS Cover
Published by The Agony Column
What could easily be one of the smartest, coolest and best anthologies to show up in 2004 . . . This is one of those rockin' really weird Rick-books that you simply must run out...
Published by SF Site
There's a lot of very competent fiction around these days -- we're a very professional bunch, us SF writers. And sometimes I'll come across a story that's perfectly-paced, which...
TTA42 cover
Published by SF Crowsnest
Particular reference must be made to "The House Of The Rising Sun" by Elizabeth Bear and "Reality Interrupted" written by Jason Erik Lundberg. I read both...
TTA42 cover
Published by Whispers of Wickedness
A fantasy tale of the highest calibre, at times I thought I was reading the last chapter of a great novel and it has certainly made me want to hear more from this author. A world...
TTA42 cover
Published by Tangent Online
The writing is smooth and crisply visual, and the dialog sparkles . . . Go with the flow, and you'll meet an interesting character who ultimately is given a thought-provoking...