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Glendale, CA
Jun 2008

Born in Brooklyn NY, Jared Matthew Kessler grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, living a very unique story between doing what is impossible and doing what is necessary. Raised with middle-income values, his passions always faced the opposite direction by communicating through the written word, and his music. Originally wanting to go to art-college, his dad was more concerned with having him earn a living like everyone else in the family. Having grown up in the early 1980s when divorce was not as popular and musicians were a figment of the imagination, Jared escaped to college six hours away from any distractions between who he is and what his parents tried to sell him. A highly creative and intelligent individual, Jared Matthew Kessler constantly raises the bar as a writer musician and entrepreneur. Receiving national press recognition for some of the accomplishments he made happen (with appearances on CBS playing a musician in, "The Education of Max Bickford" as well as the hit series, "Providence" on NBC and various commercials/music videos for Joseph Arthur and Anastacia). Jared's music, literature, and expanding product line are both raw and spontaneous with thoughtful details and attention to building a memorable tale. His current work reflects a colorful song and eclectic taste of what he observes through a filter of personal experiences between a cup of green tea, a beat up journal, a laptop, a guitar, a keyboard and a microphone (longest green tea sipping time: 5 hours 4 minutes and 27 seconds).


Unique ideas and real conversations.

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The Poet and the billionaire: A Conversation in Quotes

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