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Janri Gioom Galen Gogeshvili's Biography

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Jul 2008

Janri Gogeshvili - Georgian Writer, born on the 31 January 1946, received high education, finished the faculty of library science and bibliography; married.

Author of twelve published books to date, Janri Gogeshvili is a novelist, poet, playwright, the publicist, the tale-teller, and essayist. He is also a publisher, editor...

He speaks Georgian (mother tongue) and Russian fluently, English with the help of dictionary.

Its verses and some fairy tales it is translated from Georgian in English...

Janri Gogeshvili has founded the Publishing House - ' The Cubs will Grow up', 'The Editorial-Missionary Fund', 'The Analytical Center of National Consciousness', the magazine 'Image-Bearing Motivations' (a publisher and editor Janri Gogeshvili) .

The list of the books published:

'The Refugee from Dreamland.' P. H. 'Merani', 1982;

'The Hire.' Collected stories. P. H. 'Nakaduli',1984;

'Mimicry.' A satirical-comic collection. P. H. 'N. B,1984;

'The Lot of Yours.' A drama. The Methodical Center of the Ministry of Culture,1984;

'Love Ennobles Us', 'Grasshopper Assault.' Two plays. 'The Methodical Center of the Ministry of Culture' 1985;

'White Wall' (novel) , publishing house 'Merani',1987;

'Playing Yoga' A satirical-comic collection. 'N.B.' 1990;

'The Herald of Dawn', 'The One You Pursue.' Two novels. P. H. 'Merani' 1991;

'The Crematory of Love.' A novel. P. H. 'The Cubs will Grow up',1992;

'Sweet Souls of the 'Insane.' A novel. P. H. 'The Cubs will Grow up',1995;

'Good-for-Nothing.' A rhyme. 'The Educational-Missionary Fund',2003;

'Go Ahead! ' A play (a sad comedy) . 'The Educational-Missionary Fund',2004

'From Dream into Reality.' Collected poems, 2010


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Журнал "Самиздат", Гогешвили Джанри, Занимательные строфы...

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