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The hot pink bubble-bouffant in black tiered lace is really a man selling vintage clothing. Ms. Curvalicious in loin-cloth-with-scabbard has places to go. Then there are the monochromed ones: the woman in an orange suit is particularly eye-catching. It’s the hawker’s fair at Bay Con, the once-a-...
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Black Phoebe, Northern California, February 2010
In November, we moved up to the country from the busy streets of West Berkeley, and now I am lulled to sleep by fog horns on the Carquinez Straits where the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers empty into the San Francisco Bay. Our home looks out on the delta and ships still trudge up the narrow...
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Crockett Path in January 1-13-10 by JLM 300 dpi.jpg
Several months have gone by and I've hardly written. What I've done instead is pack, disperse goods, gather goods, pack, contract with movers, watch my new house get ready, pack, and then move, then unpack. Unpacking occured during the holidays and visits to family. Now, it is already the new year...
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Picture is one of Lewis Hine's classics of a girl working in a textile mill.
Throughout my life, I have written about how people support themselves. As a young woman, I set out to travel and work in every kind of job and institution in order to understand what work is. I experienced many types of work: I was an office clerk, a tally girl in a Central California fruit-...
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As part of my www.examiner.column on local (SF Bay Area) poets and poetry, I have had the good fortune to interview fascinating people who are overlooked by not only our mainstream media (poetry has never been on their radar) but also, and unfortunately so, by our local alternative press and poetry...
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I joined Molly Fisk's Facebook challenge group to write a poem every day for the month of June. Two years ago I set off on January 1 with the same intention, but to write a poem every day for the whole year. In both cases, I failed. There's something important to priming the pump. I have had to let...
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In February I took a post as the San Francisco Poetry Examiner at www.examiner.com. The site is always looking for writers with special interests or communities that they are involved in, so that they may report on activities and events, etc. It's hardly a paying gig, but it has allowed me to...
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Cover of UC California Press' 1979 edition of Mody-Dick, or, The Whale by Herman Melville with illustrations by Barry Moser
I've had bad luck with reading groups. The one I recently stopped attending had switched the format to having one member choose the month's title that everyone would be asked to read. Since several of the recently selected tomes were not, in my opinion, even worthy of discussing, I decided my...
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The Haven
Only two days, but without computer, telephone, radio or t.v. Just a good companion who respects solitude and likes good food. We went to the Quaker Retreat Center in Ben Lomond, very inexpensive, and set in a forest of redwood, Douglas fir, madrone, and a variety of oak. A deer came within a few...
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