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Janet Ruth Heller's Books

The poems in Exodus are modern re-interpretations and psychological explorations of the people and events in the Bible. A central metaphor is the exodus from Egypt, which represents the journeys that people take: trying new experiences, leaving a bad relationship, finding a new job, taking risks. Many of the poems are dramatic monologues from the perspective of a character in the...
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  Folk Concert: Changing Times concerns the journey of becoming a woman during difficult times.  Themes include feminism, love relationships, college teaching, nature, psychotherapy, travel, the anti-Vietnam War movement, family, the life of an artist/entertainer/writer, and music.       
Cover Art by Lori McElrath-Eslick for Traffic Stop
Traffic Stop contains some of my best poems written from the 1970s to 2009.  Themes include being an assertive nontraditional woman, having close relationships, teaching college English and women's studies, loving nature, traveling, being involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement, mourning my father's death, being an artist/entertainer/writer, and experiencing folk music at...
Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama is a re‑evaluation of British drama criticism of the nineteenth century.  I demonstrate that the British Romantics' bias against the staging of Shakespearean tragedy is rooted in an established and intellectually justifiable tradition in Western drama criticism.  I also focus on the misconception that the Romantics were not...
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In my award-winning fiction picture book How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Sylvan Dell, hardback 2006, paperback 2007), the sun bullies the moon, and the moon's feelings are so badly hurt that she shrinks.  The moon turns to a comet and her friends on earth, who comfort her, and she regains her full shape and self-esteem.  Influenced by Native American legends and rituals, How the...