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Literary Nonfiction. Memoir. SALT AND PAPER is a daily reflection that is immediate and an accumulation of life experience in poetry and prose fragments placing a heartfelt, yet realistic light on difficult subjects as author speaks of aging: a friend's slow demise with Alzheimer's; the lifelong effect of a brother's mental illness; the present, lived aging process; the...
Stirring the Waters: Writing to Find Your Spirit Whether you’re a seasoned writer or you just write an occasional journal entry, Stirring the Waters: Writing to Find Your Spirit will enrich your life. With a poet’s insight and deft touch, author Janell Moon leads you along a path that helps you to know yourself and thrive spirituality. She provides nine weeks of exercises that will...
How to Pray Without Being Religious
     Have you ever found yourself saying a prayer for a loved one to recover from illness, find happiness in their relationship, or land a new job? Have you ever prayed for greater fulfillment and personal growth in your own life? Prayer is a powerful tool to bring us closer to our true selves and understand our place in the world by connecting to a great spiritual energy.     ...
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There's a lot more to prayer than kneeling. The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit author Janell Moon shows that by using The Prayer Box the deepest, truest prayers are brought to life for those who pray. The Prayer Box contains a 96-page book that details prayer practices and shows readers how to create their own forms of prayer; a 96-page blank journal in which readers can...
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A heartfelt combination of spiritual discovery, environmental observations, and journal writing, The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit offers readers a 52-week cycle of themed essays and related questions about the natural world. Entries on night and sky and parakeets, wind and mud and rain, snakes and tea and thistle, among others. In addition to folklore, myths, stories, and...