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Name Normal 1941-1963

year of birth to marriage

     Just like in the dictionary where all words have already been discovered, normal has been defined. You can't change it. It's just set and everyone knows it.

1.                 Man, wife, child: normal

2.                 Single, no child: normal

3.                 Single with child: not normal

4.                 Childless woman: not normal

5.                 Couple without child: not normal

6.                 Adoption: not normal

7.                 Divorced woman: not normal

8.                 Divorced woman without child: not normal

9.                 Divorced woman with child: not normal

10.            Homosexual male: not normal

11.            Lesbian very: not normal

12.            Woman having discrete sex outside marriage: not normal

13.            Man having discrete sex outside marriage: normal

14.            Depressed child: not normal

15.            if you are reading this, you are not normal.