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"Why do they do that?"

First time readers, kindly read the first entry for October 27, 2012, when this story began: 

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"Because they're guys . . . "

We were discussing the propensity of men to leave the door to the bathroom open while they pee.  Women open the cold tap to the sink full force and bolt the door.

They can open doors, pull out our chairs, take our coats, kiss us on the head and call us "baby," but they still leave the bathroom door open while they urinate, calling over their shoulders to ask us to "open a couple of beers."

I blame my Redroom friends Katherine Gregor and Michael Seidel for my descent into this rather pithy description of the interaction between men, women and modern plumbing.

They're grownups.  They can take it.



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You're supposed to close the door, eh?  Huh.  Go figure.

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I am away from my laptop, at

I am away from my laptop, at the moment, but I was so intrigued by your e-mail that I went through the process of finding out how to access The Red Room on my relatively new Nokia smartphone.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I laughed out loud in a shop, and a couple of people turned around to look at thank you for that :-)

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I think we've written "The Toilet Trilogy"

YOU started it, Katherine.  :)

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...

Actually, when I first published this piece on WordPress, last year, not many people paid all that much attention.  Now what does that say about Red Roomers..?


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Boy, did I laugh when I read this!

So true!  My wife reminds me when people are going to be visiting or staying with us that there is a need to close the bathroom door.  ("And don't walk around without any clothes on," she also tells me.  There are so many rules and customs to track and observe.)

The difference in the the approach to the toilet at home came up when my wife and I were house hunting.  She liked one place but decided it would not work because of a bathroom's placement.  

That bemused me.  

The sellers had added a large rec room as an addition.  It was being presented as either family room or man cave, with its own half bath off it. 

"No," my wife said.  "Everyone will know what you're doing when you go in there. They'll hear you.  It's embarassing."

"But...but...it's the bathroom.  The water closet, toilet, john.  We all do it."

"Yes," my wife replied, "but it's different for women."

Yes, and now I understand.

They close the door.

Thanks for bringing the bathroom trilogy home, Jane.  Cheers

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Katherine asked if I had a Twitter account

I'm embarrassed to admit my first tweet was bathroom humor, but SHE started it.

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... All right, Jane, pass me

... All right, Jane, pass me the sack cloth and ashes.

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I was called "Ms. Blogette," today

Considering that I was a whole-hearted collaborator, I guess I should have expected such flattery.  I took that one on the chin and didn't pass the buck to you or Michael. 


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Wow.  That's very good of you

Wow.  That's very good of you :–)