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First time readers, kindly read the first entry for October 27, 2012, when this story began . . .

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My daughter called yesterday.  They hosted a potluck at their apartment for a number of friends.  I heard a little “mew” in the background as we talked.  “Was that a kitten?”

“We’re fostering two.  Chris named the boy Batphone.  He’s a little asshole.  I named the girl Salami (not Salomé; Salami).  It will be hard to give her back.  She’s sweet.”

A tiny furball with big eyes emerged in my imagination, nestling onto my daughter’s chest as she wedged the cellphone between ear and shoulder to free her hands.

I came clean.  “I have a blog.”

“Good, Mom!”

She was not just sincere, she was enthusiastic.  “It’s hard to put yourself ‘out there’ the first time, but after that, it’s easy.”

I’m intimidated by you,” I admitted.               

"There's always room for another voice," she said.

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Your daughter sounds wise. 

Your daughter sounds wise. 

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My wise and wonderful daughter

She was born with an old soul . . . and a great sense of humor.  Some people complain their kids drive them crazy, but I'm not one of them.

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Sounds like the apple didn't

Sounds like the apple didn't fall very far.

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Thank you, my talented and caring friend

She had some great teachers and is a striver.  I'm really lucky.