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"Shadows and Ghosts," by Barbara Froman

Ida Mae is so passionate about her work as a filmmaker, her intensity lands her in the hospital after a heart attack.  Her mother, Edna, whose ghost takes up residence in Ida Mae's hospital room, appears as Ida Mae's spirit leaves her body and shoves it back in.  "You think because I'm dead, I don't know things?  I'm your mother.  I know everything."  Lisa, Ida Mae's mirror image twin, lives a perfect life with a perfect husband, and the sisters' resentment of each other, which began simmering when they were children, has now reached its boiling point.

Fern, the psychiatrist who is called in to evaluate Ida Mae, battles with her own demons, specifically, her mother and food.  Within minutes of meeting anorexic-looking Ida Mae, "[t]he flat foot of inadequacy reaches up and kicks her in the behind, its heel sinking into thirty extra pounds of cellulite."  Fern regards Ida Mae as "an egocentric, frizzy-haired, sarcastic bitch who uses every opportunity to build up her own self-esteem by trying to tear down others," but writes, "Patient is in denial about cause of arrest.  Claims starvation was for 'artistic' reasons. Exhibits hostility to authority.  Suspect rivalry with sister, Lisa."

If you're thinking, "Yikes," you're already inside Ida Mae's head, and you've only read 8 pages of one of the most alternately terrifying and hilarious novels ever written.   I will not spoil your enjoyment further, except to urge you to set aside a chunk of time before you open the cover, because you will not be able to stop reading once you've begun.

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Will add it to my to-read

Will add it to my to-read list, and will take it under advisement to set aside undivided time to read it.  Thanks for the review, Jane. ~nan

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Thank you!


I found it to be completely fascinating.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  


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Sounds intriguing Jane. And I

Sounds intriguing Jane. And I do love a ghost story. Might have to see if I can download it on kindle. M

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You're already familiar with Barbara's exquisite writing

I was pulled right into the story.  I hope you enjoy it!

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I'm beaming!

Thank you so much, Jane for this wonderful review! You made my day!!


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I didn't want to reveal any more!

I didn't want to reveal any more!

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Shadows and Ghosts available here on Red Room

Hi there,

I just want to remind everyone that Barbara will get a portion of the proceeds if you purchase her book here in the Red Room Authors Bookstore: http://redroom.com/member/barbara-froman/books/shadows-and-ghosts. Thanks for the review, Jane!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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I bought my copy from Redroom's bookstore

I became familiar with Barbara's writing because of her postings, here, which is only one of the reasons I ordered "Shadows and Ghosts" from Redroom's bookstore.  

Thanks, Huntington!

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Hi Jane, I will address your

Hi Jane,

I will address your blog later but by any chance did you send me an email? I got one from you and one from Barbara and a message said that you failed fraud detection. I worry because I responded to Barbara already! Please let me know as soon as you get this! mx

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I did send you an email

I'm laughing at the error message - I'll freely admit I'm not a writer.  :-)

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Whew! Thanks. Fraud is the

Whew! Thanks. Fraud is the last word I'd apply to you but I did get a warning and I am not au fait or the best at this kind of stuff. mx

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It's hard to keep up

I try to keep up with comments, but I've used "lovely" so often those letters on my keyboard have disappeared.  :-)