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First time readers, kindly read the first entry for October 27, 2012, when this story began: 

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I am quite good at grasping abstract concepts.  Big words are "my life." 

I've had difficulty, though, reconciling two adages . . .

"Stop and smell the roses," is one.

"Wake up and smell the coffee," is the other.

I've melded them, in my mediocre, over-educated brain.

Here it is . . .

Find a sweet guy and let him love you.

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Aww... Sweet. "Sweet Guy who

Aww... Sweet.

"Sweet Guy who loves you" – where do those grow, again?

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Should there be a play? ~

"Where Sweet Guys Are Grown", a mystical little area with mystical little ways, and then found by who - a matchmaker?  Lost hikers?  A corporation thinking about locating a factory there? Librarians on vacation?

Ah, the mind tumbles.  

I thought the expressions were "Stop and smell the coffee" and "Wake up and smell the roses."  Guess I've been doing it wrong all these years.

That might explain some things.