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Perfect conditions for the Aurora Borealis

"You went to Iceland in February?  Why on earth would you go there at that time of year?"

My brother would have answered, "I've always wanted to try fresh puffin and whale."   My dad would have replied, "It's the cheapest time to go."

 I was 45 years old and I'd never seen the northern lights.

After a week of wind and stormy skies, the weather our last night in Reyjavik was clear and crisp.  Our rental car was due an hour before our flight home the following day.  I'd marked several locations on the map away from the lights of the city.   I was almost breathless with anticipation.

We spent the evening in a sports bar, watching the Super Bowl.

                                                                      * * * *

Years later, at my home in Ohio, I awoke suddenly from a sound sleep.  The red numbers on the bedside clock read 3:15 a.m. 

I walked to the front window and looked out over the snow-covered lawn.   I shoved my feet into my boots, pulled my coat on over my pajamas and walked outside, where I watched the swirl of colors until they disappeared, just before dawn.



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I've always wanted to visit

I've always wanted to visit Iceland to view the aurora borealis! Much better than the Superbowl.

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Where you least expect them....

I remember seeing the aurora borealis  late one night in Ithaca, New York in the '70's. It was a rare occurrence, but the conditions were just right for them, and a group of us sat outside with our beers and gawked.

How lovely it must have been for you to awaken to such a spectacular sight!

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The Superbowl over the Aurora

The Superbowl over the Aurora Borealis? My heart sinks.

Glad (and envious) you got to see it in your backyard, though :–)

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No red-blooded American male would miss the Super Bowl

In Dowagiac, Super Bowl Sunday is a more important holiday than Christmas.  If we hadn't watched it, we might not have been permitted to return to the US.